Computer Screen Repair

Do you have a laptop with cracked screen? We’ve got you covered! We have fast and affordable options to get your laptop back in tip top shape. Bring your laptop to Colorado Gadget Fix for a quote today. Are you tired of your screen glitching due to cracks? We are here to help meet your repair needs! We only use the highest quality OEM parts available. We stand behind our work. All repairs are backed by 90 day limited warranty. For all your computer screen repair needs call Colorado Gadget Fix of Colorado Springs today.


Computer Screen Repair

Colorado Gadget Fix has a fast and affordable repair service to fix that shattered laptop screen. Give us a call with your model # or stop by our location to get an instant quote today. Laptop screen repairs are typically complete within 5 business days. We will get that laptop looking and working like new. Don’t let that laptop keep you from getting work done. Give Colorado Gadget Fix a call today! Our technicians will diagnose your problem on the spot, and give you an instant price quote before any work is done!

Free iPhone Battery Test

We are able to test any Apple devices battery for free! If you think your battery is towards the end of its life, and are only get a few hours of usage, come in for a free test. It only takes a few seconds and can show you exactly how bad (or good) your battery is!

Colorado Gadget Fix - A Trusted Local Name

For all of your device repair needs in the Colorado Springs area, Call Colorado Gadget Fix today. Customer service is our #1 priority and we always strive to give you a positive experience. We are proud of our reputation. Please check out our reviews page for more information. Since opening a storefront location in 2015, we have repaired thousands of devices. Our team has over 15+ years of combined experience so your device is repaired properly the first time. We service all of the Colorado Springs area including: Monument, Woodland Park, Falcon, Peyton, Fountain & Pueblo. Give us a call or stop by today!

So what is this going to cost me?

We offer military, student and senior citizen discounts! Plus, ask us about our LOW PRICE GUARANTEE.

We give a free diagnosis on all Devices. If we can’t fix your device, theres no fee.

If you have any questions about pricing, feel free to call! We always are excited and willing to discuss the reasons behind our pricing.

Repair Price
Screen Repair $325
Front Camera Repair $99
Back Camera Repair $99
Battery Repair $85
Charging Port Problems $149
Audio Issues $85
Water Damage $65
Rear Glass Replacement $75
NFC Wireless Charging Pad $65
Data Recovery $99


a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.

In order to fix your device we do require some form of payment.

Some people refer to money in different ways.  A few we have heard in our years:

  • bacon
  • benjamins
  • bones
  • cheese
  • dough
  • loot
  • nuggets
  • paper
  • scrilla
  • smackers

We accept all major credit cards and all forms of cash mentioned above.  Unfortunately…we can not accept the edible form of cheese or bacon as payment.

Repairs we see most often:

  • Broken Laptop Screen
  • Cracked screen
  • Wi-Fi trouble
  • Power & Volume buttons stop working
  • Oversensitive screen
  • Camera Failed

How Can Colorado Gadget Fix Help You?

  • Same Day repairs on most models
  • Expert technicians with years of experience
  • Conveniently located
  • Only Premium Quality parts
  • Unbeatable Lifetime warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Smartphones
  • Mail in or Drop off Repairs Available